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    • Email Marketing for Libraries 

      Giles, Sharon; Crossno, Jon; Perkins, Jeffrey (1998-10)
      The possibilities of using electronic mail for marketing library services and products are enormous. This new venue offers an innovative, inexpensive, timely, and easy-to-distribute means of promotion. An exploration of ...
    • Emailing the New Books List: A Promotional Success? 

      Giles, Sharon; McKibbon, Shelley (2000-10)
      In an era of falling usage of print materials and the triumph of the digital library, UT Southwestern Medical Center Library has been experimenting with using electronic means to promote its print collection. Since October ...
    • Get Them with Humor: April Fools at the Library 

      Giles, Sharon; Crossno, Jon (2002-10)
      Our crafty Marketing team at the UT Southwestern Library recently devised a diabolical plan to get the attention of library users with the use of humor. We decided to risk public exposure and certain humiliation by publishing ...
    • Getting the News Out: Promoting the Library with an Email Alert Service 

      Giles, Sharon; Clopton, Gary (1999-10)
      Email is a new marketing tool for libraries that offers an innovative, inexpensive, timely, and easy-to-distribute means of promotion. In 1998 the Marketing team of our library decided to explore the possibilities of email ...
    • Going Mobile: Laptop Lending in an Academic Medical Library 

      Crossno, Jon; Giles, Sharon; Hooper, Nathan (2003-05)
      PROGRAM OBJECTIVE: As part of a Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund grant, the Information Desk, the library's unified public service point, developed and implemented a laptop lending program to provide more options and ...
    • Promoting the Library by E-Mail Alert Service 

      Giles, Sharon; Crossno, Jon (Information Today, Inc., 2000-04)
    • A Searchable Library News Archive 

      Giles, Sharon; Harker, Karen; Jacobs, Lynne (2001-10)
    • Theme of the Month Marketing 

      Radley, Herldine; Ramos, Therona; Giles, Sharon (2002-10)
      The UT Southwestern Medical Center Library Marketing Team decided to focus monthly marketing on one product or library service. Marketing is accomplished by including the information in the library electronic newsletter, ...
    • Theme-of-the-Month Marketing: Here's How 

      Giles, Sharon; Radley, Herldine; Ramos, Therona (Information Today, Inc., 2003-09)
    • To Banner or not to Banner? User Research on a Web Marketing Tool 

      Giles, Sharon; Mayo, Helen; Radley, Herldine; Ramos, Therona; Tan, Joseph (2003-10)
      Research Award (3rd place - posters)