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    • Attitudes and Trends in the Treatment of Morphea: A National Study 

      Strickland, Nicole (2013-01-22)
      INTRODUCTION: Morphea, or localized scleroderma, is an inflammatory disorder of both adults and children that can lead to severe cosmetic and functional impairment due to excess collagen deposition in the dermis and ...
    • Health-Related Quality of Life in Morphea 

      Klimas, Natasha (2015-03-20)
      OBJECTIVE: Little is known about health-related quality of life (HRQOL) of patients with morphea (localized scleroderma). We determined the impact of morphea on HRQOL and clinical and demographic correlates of HRQOL. ...
    • The Impact of Morphea on Quality of Life Over Time 

      Grewal, Simer (2014-02-04)
      BACKGROUND: Morphea is an inflammatory disorder that has subsequent clinical manifestations of sclerosis and atrophy of the dermis and underlying tissue. Resulting cosmetic disfigurement or functional impairments are likely ...