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    • FBXL5 Is Required for the Maintenance of Cellular Andsystemic Iron Homeostasis 

      Ruiz, Julio Cesar Francisco (2013-01-16)
      Iron is an essential element for most living organisms. Due to its chemical properties, iron plays an important role in many vital biochemical processes. Both iron excess and deficiency have detrimental effects in human ...
    • FBXL5: Sensor and Regulator of Mammalian Iron Homeostasis 

      Salahudeen, Ameen Abdulla (2011-08-10)
      While iron is an important cofactor for many proteins, the chemical properties of iron that favor its biological roles can lead to toxic side reactions that damage macromolecules. Cellular iron homeostasis is maintained ...
    • An Iron Sensing E3 Ubiquitin Ligase Regulates Iron Homeostasis 

      Thompson, Joel William (2011-08-10)
      Human iron homeostasis must be tightly regulated to provide sufficient iron for vital cellular processes while preventing the toxic accumulation of free iron. IRP2 plays a critical role in cellular iron homeostasis by ...