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    • Mechanisms Governing NF-κB Regulation by the Anti-Inflammatory Protein A20 

      Skaug, Brian (2013-05-31)
      A20 is a potent anti-inflammatory protein that inhibits NF-ΚB, and A20 dysfunction is associated with autoimmunity and B-cell lymphoma. A20 harbors a deubiquitination enzyme domain and can employ multiple mechanisms to ...
    • Ubiquitination-Dependent Activation of IKK 

      Ea, Chee-Kwee (2005-12-19)
      Ubiquitination plays two different roles in the nuclear factor κΒ (NF-κΒ ) pathway, the traditional K48-linked polyubiquitination-mediated IκΒ degradation and the non-traditional K63-linked polyubiquitination-mediated IKK ...