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    • The Multifunctional Kinase Bub1 Acts as a Signaling Hub for the Spindle Checkpoint 

      Jia, Luying (2015-11-12)
      The spindle checkpoint is an essential mechanism to ensure accurate chromosome segregation during mitosis. The checkpoint signal originates from the kinetochore, which is a huge protein assembly on centromeric chromatin. ...
    • Spindle Checkpoint at Kinetochores 

      Kim, Soonjoung (2014-07-24)
      The kinetochore—a large protein assembly on centromeric chromatin—functions as the docking site for spindle microtubules and as a signaling hub for the spindle checkpoint. The Constitutive Centromere-Associated Network ...
    • Spindle Checkpoint Silencing by TRIP13 

      Brulotte, Melissa Lynn; 0000-0002-2908-8582 (2017-10-30)
      The spindle checkpoint is important for maintaining genomic stability and preventing aneuploidy, a hallmark of cancer. The checkpoint ensures that chromosome segregation does not occur until all sister chromatids are ...