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    • Improving Physician Behavior with an Obstetric Dashboard 

      Xiong, Katherine Brenda (2018-03-29)
      OVERVIEW: A major complication of vaginal births is severe perineal laceration, and it is now an obstetric quality measure (AHRQ and The Joint Commission). One major risk factor of anal sphincter lacerations is episiotomy. ...
    • Reinventing Management of Fetal Head Impaction 

      Atluru, Anupama; Walk, Daniel Beslin; 0000-0001-5110-7156; 0000-0003-4728-738X (2016-04-07)
      BACKGROUND: Fetal head impaction is a life threatening event that occurs when the baby's head does not fit through the birth canal and becomes wedged deep in the pelvis during labor. Since the baby's head cannot advance, ...