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dc.contributor.authorMercurio, Mark R.en
dc.descriptionTuesday, January 10, 2017; noon to 1 p.m.; Room D1.602. "The Ethics of Resuscitation at Borderline Viability: When, If Ever, Is It Ethically Permissible to Refuse a Parental Request?" Mark R. Mercurio, M.D., M.A.; Professor of Pediatrics; Chief, Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine; Director, Program for Biomedical Ethics; Yale University School of Medicine. [Note: The slide presentation is not available from this event.]en
dc.description.abstract[Note: The slide presentation is not available from this event.] Extremely preterm infants, born at the borderline of viability, face a high risk of death in the neonatal period despite efforts to keep them alive. And, among survivors, there is a risk of severe long-term neuro-developmental impairment. Clinicians involved in the care of these patients often question whether aggressive measures should always be taken, and under what circumstances, if any, it may be appropriate not to attempt resuscitation or provide intensive care technology. The relevant data, weaknesses of those data, relevant ethical principles, and an ethical framework for decision-making in this setting will be discussed. This framework should be more widely relevant, applicable to all such ethical decisions in pediatrics.en
dc.description.sponsorshipUT Southwestern--Program in Ethicsen
dc.formatMPEG-4 movieen
dc.subjectGrand Roundsen
dc.subject.meshInfant, Extremely Prematureen
dc.subject.meshPatient Rightsen
dc.subject.meshResuscitation Ordersen
dc.subject.meshTeaching Roundsen
dc.subject.meshWithholding Treatmenten
dc.titleThe ethics of resuscitation at borderline viability: when, if ever, is it ethically permissible to refuse a parental request?en

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