Welcome to the UT Southwestern communities! Top-level community for various UT Southwestern department, center, institute, or other group collections (publications and presentations, selected Grand Rounds material, archival documents, etc.) These communities encourage the open access of scholarly and artistic activity.

Sub-communities within this community

  • Archives

    UT Southwestern Archives
  • Grand Rounds

    This subcommunity contains various Grand Rounds materials.
  • Library

    UT Southwestern Library community to hold various library or library-managed collections.
  • On My Own Time (OMOT) Employee Art Show

    Materials submitted for the annual OMOT Employee Art Show
  • Research and Education

    This community contains publications, presentations, posters, datasets, and other content primarily created by current and former UT Southwestern faculty, researchers, or students. This community encourages the open access ...

Collections in this community

  • Poster Center

    This collection contains posters from the UT Southwestern communities.

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