Welcome to the UT Southwestern communities! Top-level community for various UT Southwestern department, center, institute, or other group collections (publications and presentations, selected Grand Rounds material, archival documents, etc.)

Sub-communities within this community

  • Archives

    UT Southwestern Archives
  • Grand Rounds

    This subcommunity contains various Grand Rounds materials.
  • Library

    UT Southwestern Library community to hold various library or library-managed collections.
  • On My Own Time (OMOT) Employee Art Show

    Materials submitted for the annual OMOT Employee Art Show
  • Research and Education

    This community contains publications, presentations, posters, datasets and other content primarily created by current and former UT Southwestern faculty, researchers, or students.

Collections in this community

  • Poster Center

    This collection contains posters from the UT Southwestern communities.

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