Histology of the Female Reproductive System: An Interactive Educational Module




Gove, Mollie

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"Histology of the Female Reproductive System: An Interactive Learning Module" is an interactive animated video project designed to address the need for a complete educational exploration of female reproductive histology for medical students and residents in Obstetrics and Gynecology. The content was developed by Dr. Barbara Hoffman and Dr. Kelley Carrick, and was designed to accompany the existing histology literature in McGraw-Hill’s Williams Gynecology textbook. The project features 18 video animations that present normal and pathological histology features set in an interactive interface. This interface offers primary and secondary menus, as well as an interactive illustration showing the complete female reproductive system. The module was evaluated by current UT Southwestern medical students and residents for its perceived educational value. After using the module, surveys on the efficacy of the project were completed by eleven students. Analysis showed that the project was considered a useful resource for understanding female reproductive histology.

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The file named "thesis_gove1.pdf" is the primary dissertation file. To access the supplemental tutorial, click on the file named "slides_gove12.pdf".

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