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Volume 5(3): Summer 1996. This item contains the PDF files for the entire issue. Limited to on-campus access only. Off-campus users must use VPN to access files within this item.

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Buckley, P. F., & Lys, C. Psychotherapy and Schizophrenia. 185-201. Persons, J. B., Gross, J. J., Etkin, M. S., & Madan, S. K. Psychodynamic Therapists' Reservations About Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: Implications for Training and Practice. 202-212. Gray, S. H. Developing Practice Guidelines for Psychoanalysis. 213-227. Bemporad, J., & Zambendetti, M. Psychotherapy of Adults With Attention-Deficit Disorder. 228-237. Monsen, J. T., Eilertsen, D. E., Melgard, T., & Odgdrd, P. Affects and Affect Consciousness: Initial Experiences With the Assessment of Affect Integration. 238-249. Conte, H. R., Ratto, R., & Karasu, T. B. The Psychological Mindeness Scale: Factor Structure and Relationship to Outcome of Psychotherapy. 250-259. Luborsky, L., Barber, J. P., Siqueland, L., Johnson, S., Najavits, L. M., Frank, A., & Daley, D. The Revised Helping Alliance Questionnaire (AAq-II): Psychometric Properties. 260-271. Book Reviews. 272-275.



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