Pathologic Staging of Gynecological Cancers: An Interactive Visual Resource for Surgeons




Chaphalkar, Maya D.

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The goal of this thesis was to create a useful teaching and review tool for staging procedures, specifically made for medical students, residents, fellows and practitioners in the field of general gynecology and gynecological oncology. The thesis question to be answered was "Can an interactive, visual guide for surgical staging procedures of gynecological cancers be created to aid in the teaching of this process?" I created one interactive program for endometrial cancer as a model in response to this question. The program contains text, animations, and surgical video. It was created to supplement textbooks already in use. Evaluation questions showed an increase in learning as well as a positive reaction to the program. The interactive guide could be useful for studying or reviewing surgical staging of endometrial cancer.

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The file named "chaphalkarmaya.pdf" is the primary dissertation file. To access the supplemental tutorial entitled "Surgical Staging of Endometrial Cancer", click on the file named "surgicalstaging.swf"; all other supplemental files are referenced within this one.

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