Burn Serum Stimulates Mitochondrial Fission in C2C12 Myoblasts




Sehat, Alvand

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BACKGROUND: Burn patients suffer muscle mass loss associated with a hypercatabolic status. Impairment of mitochondrial function has been observed in the muscle of burn patient's. OBJECTIVE: We hypothesize that muscle atrophy due to burn injur y is associated with an alteration in mitochondrial dynamics. This study was designed to investigate changes in mitochondrial fission and fusion in response to a burn serum challenge in myoblasts in vitro. METHODS: Cultured murine myoblasts, C2C12 cells, w ere exposed to 10% rat serum isolated either from 40% total body surface area (TBSA) scald burn rats or control rats. Cells were then labeled with MitoTracker Green dye and live cell images were recorded by confocal microscopy. The expression of mitochondr ial fission/fusion factors was examined by Western blots. RESULTS: In cells cultured with 10% serum from control rats, mitochondrial morphology maintained the elongated linear shape during the 48 hours we observed. However, 24 hours of culturing in 10% scaled rat serum resulted in a significant reduction in mitochondrial size. .Further, the number of total mitochondria increased, indicating a stimulation of mitochondrial fragmentation in response to the burn serum challenge. In addition, burn serum increases the total volume of mitochondria about 1.4 fold. Consistently, Western blot analysis showed a significant decrease in the expression of mitochondrial fusion protein Mfn1. CONCLUSION: Burn serum stimulates an increase in mitochondria fission in myoblasts.

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