Subtypes of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Adults and Associated Differences in Vocational Personality Types




Zavala, Alejandro

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BACKGROUND: Research continues to grow in the field of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The focus on adult ADHD has increased in the last decade and exploration of topics such as vocational outcome have become imperative. Research indicates that individuals with ADHD show similar personality traits, but some traits may differ across subtypes of ADHD. Using the Holland vocational personality theory, this study aimed to examine differences in vocationally-related personality traits between subtypes of ADHD. The purpose of this study is to increase understanding of the role of personality in ADHD, as well as its application in the vocational area. SUBJECTS: Records of 57 adults with a diagnosis of ADHD, either Inattentive or Combined subtype, were reviewed. All individuals had undergone a vocational evaluation. METHOD: Results from the Self-Directed Search were obtained and analyzed.
RESULTS: Counter to predictions, the Artistic vocational type was found more frequently in the ADHD Inattentive subtype. No other significant differences between ADHD subtypes were revealed for other specific vocational types. Again, counter to predictions, stronger evidence of traits related to the Social vocational type compared with the other vocational types was found in both subtypes of ADHD.
DISCUSSION: Individuals with ADHD may have certain vocational personality traits in common, including a preference for activities involving cooperation and social support, but individuals with the Inattentive subtype are more likely than those with the Combined subtype to prefer activities where they can be independent and creative. More research is needed to expand these findings.

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