Endobronchial Anatomy of the Trachea: An Interactive Learning Module for Residents and Fellows


The goal of this thesis was to create a useful teaching and review tool for endobronchial anatomy, made specifically for medical students, residents, fellows, and novice practitioners of bronchoscopy. The thesis question to be answered was "Can an interactive guide for tracheobronchial anatomy be created to help teach residents from an endobronchial point of view?" In response to this question, I created an interactive program that contained video, text, and narration. It was created to provide residents and fellows with an accessible and dynamic learning resource. Evaluations of the program showed a very positive reaction and indicated that the guide would be useful for both studying and as a prototype for other learning modules.

General Notes

The file named "KristinYang_Thesis.pdf" is the primary dissertation file. To view the supplemental videos, start with the file named "EndobronchialAnatomy.swf"; this is the main page of the program module. Additional instructions for viewing all modules may be found in the file named "UT Southwestern Biomedical Communications.doc". In addition, "KristinYang_Endobronchial Flash Program.zip" is a zipped file folder with all 32 files (in 2 folders).

Table of Contents


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