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Volume 7(1): Winter 1998. This item contains the PDF files for the entire issue. Images are also provided for larger viewing of figures or tables. Limited to on-campus access only. Off-campus users must use VPN to access files within this item.

Table of Contents

Straker, N. Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for Cancer Patients. 1-9. Goldberg, D. A. Structuring Training Goals for Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. 10-22. Wilczek, A., Weinryb, R. M., Gustavsson, P. J., Barber, J. P., Schubert, J., & Asberg, M. Symptoms and Character Traits in Patients Selected for Long-term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. 23-34. Chertoff, J. Psychodynamic Assessment and Treatment of Traumatized Patients. 35-46. Miller, M. D., Wolfson, L., Frank, E., Cornes, C., Silberman, R., Ehrenpreis, L., Zaltman, J., Malloy, J., & Reynolds III, C. F. Using Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) in a Combined Psychotherapy/Medication Research Protocol With Depressed Elders--A Descriptive Report With Case Vignettes. 47-55. Herman, S. M. The Relationship Between Therapist-Client Modality Similarity and Psychotherapy Outcome. 56-65. Mumford, E., Schlesinger, H. J., Glass, G. V., Patrick, C., & Cuerdon, T. A New Look at Evidence About Reduced Cost of Medical Utilization Following Mental Health Treatment. 65-86. Book Reviews. 87-90. Appreciation. 91. Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation. 92.



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