The Creation of an Animated Teaching Tool Used to Educate Medical Students about the Immune System's Response to Trichinella Spiralis




Brown, Katherine Michelle

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The main objective of this thesis project is to visually communicate, through the use of Adobe Flash animations, the process the immune system uses in eliminating Trichinella Spiralis from the body. The use of animation, along with the Immunology syllabus text, will possibly increase the medical students' understanding of the subject. Medical students evaluated the animation, which detailed the immune systems' anatomical and cellular reaction to Trichinella spiralis. These students use the animation as a study guide and review. These evaluations determine the usefulness of the animation in the Immunology course. This thesis project documents the scientific research on Trichinella spiralisin the immune system, the process of storyboarding, design, and audio production used to create the animation.

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The file named "BrownKatherine.pdf" is the primary dissertation file. To view the supplemental tutorial, click on the file named "NewScene1.swf" (Adobe Flash file format); all other supplemental files are referenced within this one.

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