Development of a Web-Based Patient Case Study Template for Nutrition Education




Klein, Belinda Jeanne

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This thesis project attempts to build a model-teaching tool by creating a computer-based patient case study. The goal of this thesis was to create a model for an interactive website that presents a patient case study for fourth-year medical students that will potentially facilitate diagnosis and treatment of patients with a nutritional condition. A preliminary step to this thesis project was the development of a web-based patient case study template. The objective was to use metabolic syndrome as an exemplary nutritional patient case study within the template. The metabolic syndrome content included meets the requirements for medical students and the incorporation of the nationally recognized research at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center's campus. Additionally, the uses of different types of media (photographs, MRIs, animations, interactive diagrams, and graphs) were used to present information in an effective manner. The test site was posted on the Internet for fourth-year medical students to review and participate in an informal survey to gather their responses on the template and its components. The website was created in a program format that meets the requirements of the campus on-line curriculum and can easily be updated in the future to ensure that information remains current and new patient case studies can be added.

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The file named "kleinbelinda.pdf" is the primary dissertation file. The file named "" is a zipped file folder with 719 files (in 22 folders) that are necessary to run the developed website. The file named "index.htm" is provided as an example of how the page would be structured, but images do not display and links do not work.

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