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Volume 1(3): Summer 1992. This item contains the PDF files for the entire issue. Limited to on-campus access only. Off-campus users must use VPN to access files within this item.

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Goldfried, M. R., Wiser, S. L., & Raue, P. J. On the Movement Toward Psychotherapy Integration: The Case of Panic Disorder. 213-224. Kolden, G. C., & Howard, K. I. An Empirical Test of the Generic Model of Psychotherapy. 225-236. Nash, J. L. Ganyphilia: Etiologic and Psychotherapeutic Concepts. 237-247. Pogge, D. L., & Dougher, M. J. Evaluation of Psychotherapeutic Interpretations: An Example of the Application of the Phenomenological Method to Discovery-Based Psychotherapy Research. 248-258. Chu, J. A. The Revictimization of Adult Women With Histories of Childhood Abuse. 259-269. Yeomans, F. E., Clarkin, J. F., Altschul, E., & Hull, J. W. The Role of Figurative Language in the Induction Phase of an Expressive Psychotherapy. 270-279. Wagner, E. F., Frank, E, & Steiner, S. C. Discriminating Maintenance Treatments for Recurrent Depression: Development and Implementation of a Rating Scale. 280-290. Wulsin, L. R., Frank, E., Salzman, C., Rush, A. J., & Jacobsberg, L. Treatment Selection in Major Depression. 291-303. Book Review. 304.



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