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Warning: Graphic Images and Medical Procedures -- This document contains visual examples of pediatric diseases; these photos are graphic in nature, and some people may find them disturbing. Images are shown as representative samples in aid of teaching the material, not for shock value.


General Notes

Volume 2(1): May 17, 2024
Dear Readers, We are pleased to offer you our second issue of the University of Texas Southwestern Pediatric Residency Program's Journal of Pediatrics. A legacy of the innovative publication development efforts of Dr. Adeline Yang [Resident 2018-2021, Chief Resident 2021-2022], this issue is a tangible representation of our desire to share our multifaceted work in Pediatrics, more broadly. The organization of this issue includes three main sections: case reports, scholarly project abstracts, and medical humanities. We continue to be impressed and inspired by the areas of special interest our residents pursue. Like our residents, these projects include a wonderful breadth of topics and depth of thought. As we look for encouragement about the state of our field and look for fresh ideas about ways pediatrics can be further developed and advanced, we are encouraged by what this journal represents and seeks to offer.

Table of Contents

Letters from the Editors Case Reports - page 1 Lamotrigine-Induced Stevens-Johnson Syndrome / Amanda Zhang, MD - page 2 The Strange Blood Culture: A Case of Pediatric Hepatitis / Garrison Olds, MD - page 5 A Case of Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome in a Previously Health Pediatric Patient / Miracle Giraura Deborah, MD - page 8 Mediastinal Granuloma Due to Histoplamosis / Stephen Hemmerly, MD - page 11 A Rare Case of Hydroa Vacciniforme-like Lymphoproliferative Disorder / Devangi Shah, MD - page 14 A Lethal Toxidrome From a Common Source / Calvin Fairbourn, MD - page 17 Walking Through Differentials for Lower Extremity Weakness / Ashley Chen, MD - page 20 The Challenges of Diagnosing and Treating Persistent Hypertension in Children / Elizabeth Herrin, MD - page 23 Intractable Itching: A Clinical Pearl to Diagnose Alagille Syndrome / Shyam Harinarayanan, MD - page 26 Primary Craniosynostosis in an Infant with Pfeiffer Syndrome / Lynette Gonzalez, MD - page 29 Intern Case Conferences - page 32 Scholarly Project Research - page 35 Early predictors of pulmonary arterial hypertension using cardiac MRI in young adults born preterm / Alysha Joseph, MD; Gregory Barton, PhD; Tarique Hussain, MD; Kara Goss, MD - page 36 Team KiPOW Texas / Fatima Ahmad, MD; Aya Embabi, MD; Fatima Zuberi, MD; Nancy Kelly, MD - page 36 Caregiver Perceptions on Penicillin Allergy Delabeling in a Primary Care Setting / Hannah Lee, MD; Meg Hart, MD; Timothy Chow, MD - page 37 A Pilot: Implementation of Early Childhood Literacy Promotion / Vi Pham, MD; David Oleson, MD; Sarah Greenfield, MD; Maurine Sam, MD; Heejin Lim, MD; Annette Ville, MD; Nancy Kelly, MD MPH - page 37 Characteristics of Teenage Pregnancy and Potential Missed Opportunities in a Pediatric Primary Care Clinic / Amanda Zhang, MD; Kaili Yang, MD - page 38 Medical Student to Pediatrician: A Focus on Telemedicine and Primary Care / Brittany Grudzielanek MD; Krista Perez MD; Samuel Showalter MD; Rory Nicolaides MD; Caroline Anding MD; Kiran Prasad MD; Annesha Dutta MD; Ademola Badewa, MD - page 38 Process Review of Grant-Funded Project "Moving is Medicine" / Meredith Montgomery, MD; Nancy Kelly, MD - page 39 Identifying Determinants of Early Phase Clinical Trial Enrollment for Pediatric Patients with Relapsed or Refractory Cancer / Joseph Formella, MD - page 39 Foster Parent Insights on Group Well Child Care Model for Children in Substitute Care: A Qualitative Analysis / Radha Patel, MD - page 40 Assessment of Hemodynamic Profiles and Associated Clinical Outcomes in Pediatric Acute Decompensated Heart Failure / Monisha Narayanan, MD; Javier Lasa, MD; Ryan Butts, MD - page 40 Zinc Supplementation Improves Linear Growth in Premature and Very Low Birth weight (VLBW) Infants / Tina Seidu, MD, MHS; Dimitrios Angelis, MD; Roy Heyne, MD - page 41 Resident Presentations & Publications, 2023-2024 - page 42 Medical Humanities - page 45 Nurturing New Beginnings / Adedamola Badewa, MD - page 46 Making Mistakes / Yarah Ghotmi, MD - page 48 Second Year Musings / William Wood, MD - page 49 Reflections on a Wednesday / Isha Darbari, MD - page 53 An Unwelcome Guest / Shahryar Rana, MD - page 54 Dear Precious Ones / Annesha Dutta, MD - page 55 Untitled / Garrett Sacco, MD - page 56 Fleeting / Avery Haugen, MD - page 59 The Resident Account: Ramadan, Residency, & Rejuvenation / Fatima Ahmad, MD - page 60




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