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Volume 5(2): Spring 1996. This item contains the PDF files for the entire issue. Limited to on-campus access only. Off-campus users must use VPN to access files within this item.

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Alpert, M. C. Videotaping Psychotherapy. 93-105. Foreman, S. A. The Significance of Turning Passive Into Active in Control Mastery Theory. 106-121. Kolden, G. G. Effective Microprocesses in Early Sessions of Dynamic Psychotherapy. 122-131. Kadera, S. W., Lambert, M. J., & Andrews, A. A. How Much Therapy Is Really Enough? A Session-by-Session Analysis of the Psychotherapy Dose-Effect Relationship. 132-151. Luborsky, L., Diguer, L., Cacciola, J., Barber, J. P., Moras, K., Schmidt, K., & DeRubeis, R. J. Factors in Outcomes of Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy for Chronic vs. Nonchronic Major Depression. 152-159. Klein, M. Notes on Some Schizoid Mechanisms. 160-179. Book Reviews. 180-183. Letter. 184.



J Psychother Pract Res

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