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Volume 1(2): Spring 1992. This item contains the PDF files for the entire issue. Limited to on-campus access only. Off-campus users must use VPN to access files within this item.

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Yager, J. Psychotherapeutic Strategies for Bulimia Nervosa. 91-102. Manning, D. W., Markowitz, J. C.,& Frances, A. J. A Review of Combined Psychotherapy and Pharmacotherapy in the Treatment of Depression. 103-116. Vaillant, G. E. The Beginning of Wisdom Is Never Calling a Patient a Borderline; or, The Clinical Management of Immature Defenses in the Treatment of Individuals with Personality Disorders. 117-134. Gaston, L., & Ring, J. M. Preliminary Results on the Inventory of Therapeutic Strategies. 135-146. Trad, P. V. Applying Developmental Principles to Diagnosis and Treatment of Conflict. 147-159. Martin, J. P. Psychophysiologic Experience Fulfilling a Selfobject Function. 160-162. McDuff, D. R., & Solounias, B. L. The Use of Brief Psychotherapy with Substance Abusers in Early Recovery. 163-170. Epstein, J., Bush, J., & Viederman, M. Case of a 39-Year-Old Unemployed Engineer with Hypochondriasis. 171-183. Tausk, V. On the Origin of the "Influencing Machine" in Schizophrenia. 184-206. Book Reviews. 207-210.



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