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Volume 1(1): June 3, 2022
Dear Readers, We present to you the inaugural issue of the University of Texas Southwestern Pediatric Residency Program's Journal of Pediatrics. It represents some of our contemporary efforts to learn with and from our colleagues, and our desire to share this with a broader audience. It's not a coincidence that we are launching this journal in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. As seems true for many of our experiences related to the challenges of the pandemic, perhaps individual isolation and societal grief have made us even more committed to remaining connected with others. This journal has three main sections: peer-reviewed case reports from our residents, posters presented by our senior residents at our 10th annual residency scholarly projects conference, and humanities creations from our current cohort of resident colleagues. We aim to use this journal as one enduring means to share highlights of our pediatric residents' educational experiences - with our Residency Program, our Department and the larger pediatric community. It is a privilege and a joy to share with you some of the stories of those whom we seek to serve, the scholarship of our graduating residents, and the perspectives and artwork of our peers. We hope you find inspiration within.

Table of Contents

Editorial Board - page 2 Letter From The Editors - page 6 Chief Resident Time Capsule - page 7 Academic Half Day - page 7 Advocacy - page 7 Board Preparation - page 7 Cardiology - page 7 Career Preparation - page 7 Education Liaisons/Inpatient Education - page 8 Electives - page 8 Emergency Medicine - page 8 House Cup - page 8 Intern Conference - page 8 M&M - page 8 Moonlighting - page 8 Nephrology - page 8 PICU - page 8 Recruitment - page 9 Research - page 9 Simulation - page 9 Sick Call (SC/BU) / Jeopardy - page 9 Surge - page 10 Wellness - page 10 Case reports - page 11 A Case of Persistent Rectal Bleeding in a 16 Month Old Female - page 12 Rare secondary malignancy mimicking osteomyelitis - page 15 Prolonged Fever in a Middle School Child - page 18 Infection or exposure?: A complex presentation of vaping induced lung injury in an adolescent female - page 21 Case Report: Complications of Thyroid Storm in a 16 year old Female - page 26 10th Annual Scholarly Symposia Posters - page 30 Platform Presentation: Elena Chen MD - Impact of Simulation Curriculum on Pediatric Resident Comfort with High Acuity Clinical Situations and Crisis Management Skills - page 31 Platform Presentation: Justin Williams MD - Clostridiodes difficile colonization in patients admitted to a gastroenterology inpatient service - page 33 Best Academic Presentation: Elliott Huang MD MPH - Clinical Characteristics of Pediatric Patients with Rhabdomyolysis: a 10 Year Retrospective Review - page 35 Best Academic Presentation: Zachary Stone MD - An Introduction to Healthcare Program for Local High School Students - page 37 Averi Wilson MD - Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Resident Telemedicine Curriculum - page 39 Bradley Graves MD - Tracheostomy Outcomes in a Cohort of Children in a Primary Care Medical Home For Children in Foster Care - page 41 Jonathan Fletcher MD PhD - Secondary Histiocytic Sarcoma in Pediatric Leukemia - page 43 Lydia Sandy MD - Leveraging the TriNetX database to explore the association between obesity and dyspnea in pediatric patients - page 45 Alyna Garza MD - Utility of Infographics for presenting AAP recommendations to pediatric resident - page 47 Amisha Patel MD - Team KiPOW (Kid Power) Texas - page 49 Cristina Saez MD - Culturally Sensitive Care for Latino Immigrant Populations: An Introductory Curriculum for Pediatric Residents - page 51 Ealing Mondragon MD - Comparing Efficacy of Self-Guided vs. Synchronous First-Time Seizure Education for Residents - page 53 Annette Ville, MD, Kelly Parsons, MD, Katie Dolak, MD - Medical Student to Pediatrician: A Focus on Telemedicine and Primary Care - page 55 Shivani Misra MD MPH - Development of a Trauma-Informed Parent Education Session - page 57 Rebecca Duron MD MSPH - Implementation of Screening for Adverse Childhood Experiences in Med-Peds Clinic - page 59 Chelsea Burroughs MD - Determining Parental Core Values Regarding Complex Decision Making in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit - page 61 Hannah Justice MD - Barriers to mental health care utilization in a large pediatric residency program - page 63 Matthew Hibbs MD - Are You All "Write": A pediatrics-centric narrative medicine curriculum to reduce resident physician burnout - page 65 Michael Hook MD - Pediatric Multiple Magnet Ingestion: A Single Center Experience - page 67 Sonia Allouch MD - Improving HPV vaccination rates in CHMG and AYA clinic - page 69 Swetha Kotamraju MD - Improving Dietician Follow up of Enterally Fed Patients in an Outpatient Subspecialty Clinic - page 71 Donovan Berens MD - Improving Screening for Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in a Primary Care Setting - page 73 Medical Humanities - page 76 Medical Spanish: Reflection Essay - page 77 Stories and lessons of Latin women growing up in America and how they shaped who they are - page 78 The Intern Account: A Post-Concussive Rollercoaster - page 79 / The Intern Account IIa: Ramadan and Medicine - page 82 Mi Mejor Amigo (My Best Friend) - page 85 UTSW Pediatric Residency "The Giving Tree" painting - donated by the classes of 2020-2023 to the pediatric patients we cared for during the COVID-19 pandemic - page 93




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