Validation Study of the Workplace Relationships Inventory: A Workplace Self-Report Measure of Adult Attachment Style




Young, David Michael, II

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Self-report measures of adult attachment style predict organizational behaviors. Traditionally, self-report instruments used in organizational settings measure adult attachment style in regard to romantic relationship targets. This study reports the psychometric validation of a measure for assessing adult attachment style in regard to close working relationships. The Workplace Relationships Inventory was modeled on the Experiences in Close Relationships scale and designed to be utilized in workplace environments. It was hypothesized that the Workplace Relationships Inventory has a two-dimensional structure like the Experiences in Close Relationships scale comprised of attachment-related anxiety and avoidance. From 2008-2010, over 500 students in organizational behavior classes were administered the Workplace Relationships Inventory along with existing measures of adult attachment style. Factor analysis of the Workplace Relationship Inventory items did not support the proposed two-factor solution. Statistically, four factors provided the best fit for the data. Conceptually, there is much to recommend two major factors coinciding with the proposed anxiety and avoidance dimensions of the scale. The Workplace Relationships Inventory demonstrated good internal consistency reliability, and convergent and divergent validity with comparative self-report measures of adult attachment style. Revisions to the Workplace Relationships Inventory are proposed.

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Interpersonal Relations, Psychological Tests, Workplace


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