The Psychosocial Impact of a Social Interaction Skills Training (SIST) Workshop for Vitiligo Patients




Tan, Andrea

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BACKGROUND: Vitiligo may cause substantial psychosocial burden on affected individuals, particularly affecting social and interpersonal interactions. Psychosocial interventions remain scarce. OBJECTIVE: To develop and implement a Social Interaction Skills Training (SIST) workshop for vitiligo patients. METHODS: A workshop was developed and facilitated using Social Interaction Skills Training principles. The Social Avoidance and Distress Scale, Brief Fear of Negative Evaluation-II Scale, visual analog scales, and open-ended workshop questionnaire were administered to participants before and after the workshop to determine its impact. RESULTS: Of 17 participants, 11 completed all assessments; 6 completed at all but the penultimate and/or last assessment. Statistically significant improvement in the Social Avoidance and Distress Scale and visual analog scales were seen up to 8 weeks after the workshop. The Brief Fear of Negative Evaluation-II Scale showed a statistically significant decrease immediately after the workshop that was not maintained at follow up. Workshop questionnaires revealed themes regarding motivations to attend, impact on quality of life, and implementation of newly-learned strategies. LIMITATIONS: Single-arm pilot study with small sample size and lack of randomization to non-intervention group. CONCLUSION: Social Interaction Skills Training may potentially be a useful intervention for vitiligo patients to reduce psychosocial burden and warrants further study.

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