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Volume 8(3): Summer 1999. This item contains the PDF files for the entire issue. Images are also provided for larger viewing of figures or tables. Limited to on-campus access only. Off-campus users must use VPN to access files within this item.

Table of Contents

Marcus, E. R. Teaching Psychodynamic Psychotherapy to Medical Students: Papers from the American Psychoanalytic Association: Introduction. 183. Pardes, H. Opportunities for Psychoanalysis in American Medical Education: An Overview. 184-186. Tasman, A. Teaching Psychodynamic Psychiatry During Medical School and Residency: Specific Skills and Beyond. 187-190. Marcus, E. R. Psychodynamic Social Science and Medical Education. 191-194. Cutler, J. L. Psychoanalysts Teaching Medical Students: How to Succeed. 195-197. Cabaniss, D. L. How to Think Like an Analyst 101: A Model for Teaching Psychotherapy to Medical Students. 198-200. Lerner, B. A Psychoanalyst in a Medical School's Student Health Psychiatric Service. 201-203. Tasini, M. Teaching Psychodynamic Psychiatry to Students on General Medical Rotations. 204-209. Levy, S. T. The Psychoanalyst in the Academic Community. 210-212. Horowitz, M., & Znoj, H. Emotional Control Theory and the Concept of Defense: A Teaching Document. 213-224. Waska, R. T. Projective Identification, Self-Disclosure, and the Patient's View of the Object: The Need for Flexibility. 225-233. Busch, F. N., Milrod, B. L., & Singer, M. B. Theory and Technique in Psychodynamic Treatment of Panic Disorder. 234-242. Eells, T. D. Is there a Cost Offset to Psychotherapy? 243-247. Book Reviews. 248-250.



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