Knowledge and Perception of Cervical Cancer and Screening Programs of Women Seeking Care at Monduli Hospital in Tanzania and St. Paul Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia




Ghidei, Luwam

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Although a 2010 survey assessing Tanzanian women's knowledge and attitude towards cervical cancer demonstrated over 75% of respondents correctly identified early marriage and multiparty, other studies demonstrated a lack of knowledge about cervical cancer screening and HPV transmission among patients and nurses. Additionally, many women in Tanzania are not readily represented in such questionnaires. Women who are able to attend clinics with screening programs are generally from higher socioeconomic backgrounds, younger, and more knowledgeable about cervical cancer.15 Educational programs focused on the importance of cervical screening in rural remote areas of Tanzania may have a positive impact on the early detection and identification of patients at early disease stage. Considering both Tanzania and Ethiopia had established VIA programs in 2011 (Figure 5), I developed a questionnaire to assess the knowledge and perception of cervical cancer and cervical cancer screening programs of women in Tanzania and Ethiopia to guide future cervical cancer prevention and screening educational programs in communities.

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