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Mitchell, Jere H.

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The attached file is the most recent curriculum vitae for Jere H. Mitchell, M.D. and is being preserved as an archival record of Dr. Mitchell’s activities and accomplishments during his career in medicine.
Jere H. Mitchell (1928-2021) was a Professor of Internal Medicine and Physiology at UT Southwestern and holder of the S. Roger and Carolyn P. Horchow Chair in Cardiac Research, in Honor of Jere. H. Mitchell, M.D. He was for many years director of the Moss Heart Center and Pauline and Adolph Weinberger Laboratory for Cardiopulmonary Research. Dr. Mitchell's research area was cardiac control during exercise. He was one of the original researchers in the 1966 "Response to Exercise After Bed Rest and After Training" study -- often called the "Dallas Bed Rest Study" -- that was pivotal and often-cited in exercise science. The study was updated in 1996. Research over the years by Dr. Mitchell and his colleagues had established the now widely-accepted beneficial effects of exercise on heart cardiac function. Dr. Mitchell received his M.D. from Southwestern Medical School in 1954.

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