The Cell Membrane Science Suitcase: An Educational Module for High School Biology Students




Nelson, Roshni

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This thesis documents the production and testing of an educational module, the Cell Membrane Science Briefcase, for high school introductory biology students. The module is part of the Science Teacher Access to Resources at Southwestern series of educational Science Suitcases, made available to teachers within the Dallas Independent School District and neighboring communities. The series is funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and produced by the Biomedical Communications graduate program at the University of Texas Southwestern, and the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science. The Cell Membrane Science Briefcase is intended to supplement the current curriculum with a comprehensive, three-dimensional animation, models, and student activities related to biological membranes. The goal is to not only provide a useful resource for teachers, but to engage and appeal to students through a variety of media and tools not often found in the science classroom.

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