3D Animated Video Series for Patient Education of Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Sacrocolpopexy Surgery




Sumner, Elizabeth

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The objective of this video series was to present a comprehensive three-dimensional patient education video series that described basic female pelvic anatomy, types of pelvic organ prolapse, basic procedural steps for a sacrocolpopexy, and complications of the procedure. A survey of currently available patient education materials was conducted to assess possible areas for improvement. A storyboard and script were then developed and presented to several members of the Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery Division and the Biomedical Communications Graduate School Program. Three-dimensional computer animations were created from CT data and compiled into video segments. The videos were embedded into a web platform and tested on a group of current and former patients. The result was that the test group correctly answered content questions and had an increased confidence with discussing the material. This may mean that patients have a better understanding of prolapse and sacrocolpopexy procedure after viewing this video series.

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The file named "SumnerElizabeth.pdf" is the primary dissertation file. Supplemental videos ("Anatomy.flv", "prolpase.flv", "sacrocolpopexy.flv") are also provided (in Flash Video format).

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