There's Always Someone There




Henson, Faye

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PLEASE TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT WHAT INSPIRED THIS WORK: Depression is often difficult to deal with. Many people don't understand what you are going through, how you feel, and half the time, and at times you don't even understand it. So many times we hide our feelings, we're so good at it. We smile, we laugh, but on the inside we're crying, and it is exhausting. In those moments that you are fighting those thoughts that things won't get better, that you're alone, that you're unloved, you have to remember those moments will pass, that you are strong, and that you can get through anything. You also have to remember that, though you may not feel it, or know it at that moment, there are people out there who love you, who care for you, and want nothing more than to help you through. This was written in one of those moments. As I was working through writing, I was able to find peace, and I wanted to share this with anyone out there who may be feeling the same, to remind them that they are not alone, that they are loved, and that there is always someone there for them.

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