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Carter, Norman W.
Seldin, Donald W.
Teng, H. C.
Chapman, Carleton B.
Baker, Orland
Mitchell, Jere H.
Muirhead, Ernest E.
Stirman, J. A.
Wilson, Jean D.
Siperstein, Marvin D.

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Detailed formal protocol with illustrations and extensive bibliography.
Renal and cellular responses to acute and chronic respiratory acidosis/ Norman W. Carter, Donald W. Seldin, and H. C. Teng -- Left ventricular function of rest and during exercise/ Carleton B. Chapman, Orland Baker, and Jere H. Mitchell -- Hemolysis in uremia : prevention of intracorpuscular defect by renal tissue/ E. E. Muirhead and J. A. Stirman -- The mechanism of the protein- sparing effect of glucose/ Jean D. Wilson, and Marvin D. Siperstein

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