A Comprehensive Patient Education Video for Radiosurgery of the Central Nervous System




Fels, Thomas Jeffery

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The purpose of this thesis project was to produce a comprehensive patient education video describing the concept of radiosurgery and the terms associated with its use. This video will be viewed by patients recently diagnosed with a brain or spinal disorder who are contemplating radiosurgery, specifically the use of the Gamma Knife(r) or the CyberKnife(r). Much of the information presented online does not provide a comprehensive overview of all of the potential risks involved in radiosurgery and damage to healthy tissue that may occur. By viewing this program that includes 3D and 2D animation, illustration, and written description, the patient will be informed of what is involved in radiosurgery including the possible strengths and weaknesses of radiosurgery. This video was designed to help the patients better understand the process of radiosurgery and how it may affect their life. This will assist doctors with consistent information that may be difficult to portray verbally to each patient. Consistent information in the form of a video can supplement communication between patient and physician. The patients may then be able to make informed decisions on whether they would like to use this technology in their radiation therapy.

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A supplemental video file was submitted as part of the thesis approval, but it was not uploaded due to size restrictions at the time of submission. The file is not available.

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