Neuroanatomy and Physiology of the Lower Urinary Tract with Clinical Applications




Oksenberg, Lindsay E.

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The goal of this thesis project was to produce and evaluate a video on the anatomy, neuroanatomy, and physiology of the lower urinary tract (LUT). It was designed to be a teaching and review tool for medical students, obstetrics and gynecology residents, and urogynecology fellows. The video combined a variety of media including illustrations, animations and narration. It was organized into three sections: anatomy of the LUT, neuroanatomy and physiology, and clinical applications. This project can be used as a supplemental resource to textbooks and journal articles since these current resources have shown to be insufficient for proper comprehension of this information. This thesis document describes the current need for illustrations and animations on the anatomy, neuroanatomy and physiology of the LUT, documents the existing resources on the subject, and describes the objectives, background, significance, research, project design, and technical implications of the process to create the final video.

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The file named "OksenbergLindsay.pdf" is the primary dissertation file. To view the supplemental video entitled "Neuroanatomy and Physiology of the Lower Urinary Tract with Clinical Applications", click on the file named "thesis.htm"; all other supplemental files are referenced within this one.

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