It's a Whole New Ball Game: Pitching the Electronic Journal in the Medical Library




Crossno, Jon
Judkins, Timothy

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In the library ball park, think of the journal as a baseball. Until recently, we have pitched our best and only weapon: the fast ball, or the paper journal. We know the rules for the paper journal and can pitch it the right way every time. However, as electronic journals have become more common and are available in several formats and combinations, we can now add a few more pitches to our repertoire: the knuckle ball, or the electronic journal; the curve ball, or the paper plus the electronic journal subscriptions; and the slider, or a variety of archival options for paper and electronic subscriptions. Electronic journals bring additional benefits to the game. No longer will the game be played within the walls of the library ball park. Remote access is possible through a variety of availability options and pricing schemes. No longer will the copyright law umpire make decisions based on rules limited by the paper subscription cost. Site licenses both complement and add to the rules of the game. To continue to attract our fan clients, the library team management must recognize these enhancements and make changes in our tactics. This paper surveys the rapidly changing electronic journal environment by discussing access, pricing strategies and multiple source availability. The management changes which must be made to accommodate the electronic journal into the rules of the library ball game will be forecast.

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Crossno, J., & Judkins, T. (1998, October). It's a whole new ball game: Pitching the electronic journal in the medical library. Paper session presented at the meeting of the South Central Chapter of the Medical Library Association, Fort Worth, TX. Retrieved from

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