Light! Carbon! Action!: A Portable Science Suitcase on Photosynthesis for High School Biology Students




Wu, Derek Thomas

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The goal of this thesis was to create a traveling “science suitcase” teaching aid that could encourage the improvement of 9th and 10th grade students’ understanding of the complex physical, chemical, and biological processes involved in photosynthesis. The suitcase includes a narrated animation, an interactive board game, three laboratory experiments, and a hands-on cell model. The suitcase is a resource to enhance the teacher's curriculum on photosynthesis, possibly help students meet the state of Texas science education requirements, and stimulate student interest to take advances science classes such as Advanced Placement Biology.

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The file named "wuderek.pdf" is the primary dissertation file. To access the supplemental video, click on the file named "Photosynthesis Final.mp4".

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