Animating the LDL Receptor Pathway




Van Exel, Kimberly

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The main goal of this thesis was to animate the LDL receptor pathway for use during lectures and presentations. These animations show how cholesterol-carrying LDL binds with the LDL receptor to be endocytosed into the cell and utilized. The first objective was to create an animation, involving 2D, 3D, and protein data bank based images to educate graduate students during classroom lectures. The second objective was to include a diagrammatic illustration of the entire cycle. The third objective was to determine if showing the broad and narrow views simultaneously or going back and forth between the two would better educate the audience. Two presentations were created of the LDL receptor pathway in the two styles and then evaluated by a pool of biomedical students.

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The file named "vanexelkimberly.pdf" is the primary dissertation file. Supplemental videos ("Presentation_backNforth.rv", "Presentation_dual.rv") are also provided (in RealPlayer Video format).

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