Creating a Model for an Instructional Guide for Surgical Devices Delivered on a Personal Device Assistant (PDA)




Frederikson, Erin Nicole

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The goal of this thesis was to create a model for a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) delivered instrument instructional guide that could utilize the information on demand capabilities of a PDA to better explain the dynamic process involved when using a surgical device. The surgical device for this model is an AutoSuture Premium Plus CEEA Single Use Stapler. The model could potentially serve as a portable instructional guide for review and understanding of the proper use of the Premium Plus CEEA Single Use Stapler and a template for the creation of future surgical instrument guides to be delivered on a PDA.

General Notes

The file named "frederiksonerin.pdf" is the primary dissertation file. Five (5) supplemental video files, which are instructional videos on using an Autosuture Premium Plus CEEA Single Use Stapler, are also available.

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