An Instructional Guide and Model Website for the Development of a Medical Research Laboratory Website




York, Meredith Michelle

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The purpose of this thesis dissertation is to document the process that led to the development of an Instructional Guide and a Model Website for a medical research lab to utilize as a resource for creating a website for their lab. A step-by-step guide was developed and utilized to create a sample website to meet the needs of a medical research lab at a specific graduate school, UT Southwestern. The website in addition to the step-by-step guide models and outlines the steps necessary for the creation of a third level website for laboratories at UT Southwestern. The Instructional Guide and Model Website allow different research labs to define their needs and create a website based on these needs. The project addresses the needs of the websites creators (the research lab) as well as the needs of the websites users (visitors to the lab’s website). The Instructional Guide outlines the steps necessary for a site’s initial planning phase, designing a sites structural framework, the method for collecting and organizing the site’s content and the steps to follow in order to create and implement a new site. The Instructional Guide provides resources necessary for the creation of a third-level website at UT Southwestern. The Guide provides resources to aid in site creation and resources that provide institutional guidelines. Following the completion of the step-by-step guide, the Model Website was created for the Laboratory of Molecular Psychiatry utilizing the steps outlined in the Instructional Guide. The Model Website illustrates the features available to a laboratory, follows the guidelines outlined by the University and provides an example of how to fully utilize the Instructional Guide.

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The file named "yorkmeredith.pdf" is the primary dissertation file. To access the supplemental guide, click on the file named "Instructional_Guide.pdf".

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