The Impact of Parenting Stress on the Ecological Validity of Executive Function Testing in Children with ADHD




Ball, Krystle Paige

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Measurement of executive functioning is difficult and findings from standardized tests may not have ecological validity. Parent report is one way to achieve ecological validity, but correlations between standardized tests and parent report frequently are low. Greater parental stress may lead to parents reporting more problem behaviors, so higher scores on a measure of parenting stress were expected to impact the relationship between parent report of child executive functioning and child performance on a standardized test of executive functioning. No significant correlations were found between Color-Word Interference scores and the BRIEF and CEFS, controlling for IQ. Many BRIEF and CEFS subscales were correlated with parenting stress. Relationships between the BRIEF or CEFS and the Color-Word Interference Test were not significantly smaller for parents expressing greater stress.

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