An Instructional Video to Teach the Anatomy, Classification, and Repair of a Fourth-Degree Perineal Laceration




Pietz, Jordan Taylor

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The goal of this thesis project was to create an instructional video for first-year obstetrics and gynecology residents to instruct them on the anatomy and procedural steps involved in the layered repair of a fourth-degree laceration. The video combines a wide array of media including illustrations, animations, video, and stills to cover three key points: a general overview of female pelvic anatomy, a classification of procedural degrees of perineal lacerations and steps for the repair with emphasis on anatomy and surgical principles. This project would be used as a supplemental resource to the textbook and hands-on training. These current resources have been shown to be insufficient for proper comprehension of this information, resulting in improper care of patients.

General Notes

The file named "pietzjordan.pdf" is the primary dissertation file. To access the supplemental video, click on the file named "Pietz_Thesis2007C.rv" (in RealPlayer Video format).

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