Development of a Manual for Intradepartmental Maintenance of a Laboratory Web Site



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The purpose of this thesis dissertation is to document the development of a web site that could be easily updated on a regular basis by a member of a research laboratory using the instructions in the accompanying manual. The advantage to using a web site as a means of communication with the target audience is that the information can be accessed instantly from any location at any time of day. This is especially advantageous to a laboratory because it allows researchers to share data immediately rather than waiting for articles to be published. Therefore, its effectiveness is dependent on whether or not the information is kept current. The inspiration for this project came from a discussion I had with Dr. Anderson about his hesitation about having a web site because he wouldn't have a way to keep it up to date unless he hired an outside source, which would be cost prohibitive. I specifically designed the site in such a way that his administrative assistant, Brenda Pallares, could update the information herself by following the manual I created. I used images of the web site as it would appear on her computer screen when viewed in the editing programs so that she could follow the instructions easily. The manual allows an individual with no experience in web design to perform the simple tasks necessary to change or edit the content without altering the overall design and structure of the site. The value of this project is that it is a model for individuals who want an outside source to design their web site, but want the flexibility of being able to maintain the content themselves.

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Collaboration, Information Dissemination, Internet


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