Function And Recruitment Of Centromeric Heterochromatin Protein 1

dc.contributor.advisorYu, Hongtaoen
dc.creatorChaudhary, Jaideepen
dc.description.abstractDuring early mitosis, the sister chromatids are held together by Cohesin, a protein complex composed of Smc3, Smc1, Scc1/Rad21 and Scc3. Cohesin is first released from the arms of chromosomes, leaving it intact at the centromere. At the metaphase – anaphase transition, centromeric cohesin is cleaved, allowing the chromatids to segregate to two daughter cells. Shugoshin (Sgo-1) is a known protector of cohesin at the centromere. It prevents phosphorylation of cohesin complex by Plk1 before the metaphase – anaphase transition, which would otherwise lead to cohesin release, causing the two chromatids to separate untimely. In this study we show that Sgo1 localizes on centromeres through HP1 during interphase in human cells. Also, Sgo1 binds all three forms of HP1 (i.e. alpha, beta, gamma) through its chromoshadow domain. We have determined the dissociation constant of this interaction to be in the sub-micromolar range. We have shown conclusively that Sgo1 binds to HP1 chromoshadow domain via one PxVxL motif. We have further shown that, in mitosis, HP1 is recruited to centromeres by Incenp, a subunit of the chromosomal passenger complex via the chromoshadow domain of HP1. This interaction is most likely at the HP1 CSD dimer interface, where PxVxL motifsbind. Hence, it seems that Incenp may provide competition to Sgo1 for HP1 binding.en
dc.subjectCell Cycle Proteinsen
dc.titleFunction And Recruitment Of Centromeric Heterochromatin Protein 1en
dc.typeThesisen School of Biomedical Sciencesen Biophysicsen Southwestern Medical Centeren of Scienceen


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