Development of an Interactive Program on the Jacobson's Organ and Defense/Prey Methods of Snakes as a Model for Teaching Complex Biological Concepts to Children in Grades Four - Six


The goal of this thesis was to create a model for an educational interactive animated program that explains complex biological concepts to children in grades four through six. The program uses illustrations, animations, photographs, and interactive games to enhance the teaching of the Jacobson's organ in snakes and snake defense/prey methods. The program serves not only as an educational tool, but also engages the learner through its interactive games which reinforce important concepts.

General Notes

The file named "cammilleriaimee.pdf" is the primary dissertation file. To view the supplemental tutorial, click on the file named "Menu.swf" (Adobe Flash file format); all other supplemental files are referenced within this one.

Table of Contents


Vomeronasal Organ, Biology, Animation, Curriculum


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