Extended Time as a Testing Accommodation for Students with Disabilities



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The most commonly requested, and most frequently granted, testing accommodation is extended time. However, the literature concerning the utility, fairness, and students’ perceptions of extended time as a testing accommodation for students with disabilities is lacking and inconclusive. Existing research has focused on K-12, as well as college and graduate level, students with the majority of students diagnosed with learning disabilities. Some data suggest a benefit of extended time for students with disabilities; however, the majority of data suggest a benefit to all students regardless of disability status. As requests for extended time increase, there is growing concern regarding the fairness of extended time as a testing accommodation. Additionally, students’ perceptions and feelings regarding extended time as a testing accommodation vary greatly. In addition to a summary of these relevant issues, areas for future research are presented to inform clinical practice and ensure that educators, policy makers, and practitioners are meeting the rehabilitative and academic needs of students with disabilities.

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Educational Measurement, Learning Disorders, Time Factors


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