Getting the News Out: Promoting the Library with an Email Alert Service




Giles, Sharon
Clopton, Gary

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Email is a new marketing tool for libraries that offers an innovative, inexpensive, timely, and easy-to-distribute means of promotion. In 1998 the Marketing team of our library decided to explore the possibilities of email marketing and launched an alert service in the form of an email newsletter called Info-Library. Info-Library has been used to promote new library services and facilities, as well as weekly or daily features of the Library's Web pages, such as the Biomedical News pages and the Internet Site of the Week. This presentation will summarize our experience in designing, distributing, editing, promoting, and evaluating an alert service.

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Giles, S., & Clopton, G. (1999, October). Getting the news out: Promoting the library with an email alert service. Paper session presented at the meeting of the South Central Chapter of the Medical Library Association, Norman, OK. Retrieved from

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