A Patient Education Packet for Transtibial Amputees Including Instructional DVD and Booklet

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A patient education packet that would be available to recent transtibial amputees, created to promote the proper care and cleaning of the prosthesis and to help give the patient a sense of confidence and independence. The packet consists of two elements, a DVD and a booklet. Both elements were divided into the following sections: In the Morning, During the Day, In the Evening, When to See Your Prosthetist, and Common Skin Issues. This organization was used in order to encourage the patient to develop a daily routine to consistently follow. The packets were distributed to and evaluated by patients of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas Prosthetics-Orthotics Program. The packets were also evaluated by various clinicians who had experience working with amputees.

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The file named "SestoLaura.pdf" is the primary dissertation file. All other files ("*.pdf") are supplemental files and may be viewed individually.

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