Get Them with Humor: April Fools at the Library




Giles, Sharon
Crossno, Jon

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Our crafty Marketing team at the UT Southwestern Library recently devised a diabolical plan to get the attention of library users with the use of humor. We decided to risk public exposure and certain humiliation by publishing an April Fools edition of our beloved "Info-Library" e-newsletter. We then cajoled the library staff into using their creatively warped imaginations and submitting their pathetic and even possibly funny library-related scribblings to the cause. The staff rose to the occasion...and to the chance to get published on the Internet. Credit was given whether merited or not. To the Marketing team's great surprise, no actual harm has resulted from this experiment. In fact, the hits on our Library News page in April actually jumped quite dramatically (or should that be comically?) Thankfully, no members of the Marketing team have been forced to resign, and no one has been drafted to write faculty roasts. The Director has also been spared the indignity of that quaint local custom of tarring and feathering. Even that arbiter of medical student humor, the student rag "The Murmur", has loftily ignored our jabs at the students (or are they just biding their time???) Originally, it was thought that it might be necessary to borrow a little library humor from other sources, but evidently all that silliness was just ready to be tapped in the bottom strata of our collective staff minds. Perhaps you too can find treasure in our, examples, and learn to mine your staff for marketing humor. So we herewith on this poster present the jewels from our Motherlode of Silliness for your enjoyment and inspiration. And may the Farce be with you!

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Giles, S., & Crossno, J. (2002, October). Get them with humor: April Fools at the library. Poster session presented at the meeting of the South Central Chapter of the Medical Library Association, San Antonio, TX. Retrieved from

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