Ethical issues in the health care professional/law enforcement relationship: reflections from emergency medicine

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[Note: The video is not available from this event.] Health care professionals (including emergency physicians) may have frequent interactions with police officers who are investigating alleged crimes. These officers may make requests or demands of health care professionals regarding patients. How should health care professionals respond to these demands? When should health care professionals comply and when should they refuse demands from law enforcement? What should be done when these demands conflict with what we health care professionals understand to be our professional obligations to our patients? What ethical and legal challenges arise and how should they be analyzed and, if possible, resolved?

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[Note: The video is not available from this event.] Tuesday, May 14, 2019; noon to 1 p.m.; Room D1.602. "Ethical Issues in the Health Care Professional/ Law Enforcement Relationship: Reflections from Emergency Medicine". Arthur R. Derse, M.D., J.D., The Julia and David Uihlein Chair in Medical Humanities, Professor of Bioethics and Emergency Medicine, Director of the Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities in the Institute for Health & Equity, Medical College of Wisconsin.

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