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The UT Southwestern Medical Center Library Marketing Team decided to focus monthly marketing on one product or library service. Marketing is accomplished by including the information in the library electronic newsletter, a university newsletter, flyers throughout the library, and an electronic banner on some library websites. Some previous months focused on Bindery Services, Intermediated Searches, a new library home page, Education Consults and Group Presentations, Update Client Contact Information, Discover the North Campus Library, LibrarianLive Virtual Reference Service, SciFinder Scholar 2000, Current Protocols and other products. An extensive renovation and redesign of the library was completed in August 2001. It became clear, in this setting, that the various flyers, posters, table tents, and other paraphernalia used to market the library's products and services created an undesirable amount of clutter and disorder. This clutter diluted the message we intended to sent to our patrons. The Marketing Team then took control of the promotional activities, concentrated its efforts to one product or service per month, limited and reduced the number of displays, and standardized the formats of its flyers. The poster will include some examples.

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Radley, H., Ramos, T., & Giles, S. (2002, October). Theme of the month marketing. Poster session presented at the meeting of the South Central Chapter of the Medical Library Association, San Antonio, TX. Retrieved from

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