Managing Expectations: ORCID Registration and Scopus Findings of UT Southwestern Learners



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Using and Collecting ORCiD IDs can provide numerous benefits for academic and research institutions. Providing ORCiDs to participating organizations can provide value for combating disambiguation in databases. ORCID in theory is wonderful, but what about it in practice? Do learners use their ORCiD accounts? How do databases like Scopus use ORCID? Jane Scott has spent the last year determining these expectations for the 4000+ UT Southwestern learner community and achieving an average of 80% registration compliance rate. This session will provide insight into trends and expectations of various learner groups (students, postdocs, and clinical trainees). We will evaluate our various ORCID enrollment and marketing strategies including campus policy, onboarding training, and individual email content. It will also address who to cultivate an ORCID culture to encourage sustainable reporting strategies. These insights will help manage expectations and ensure successful participation with time saving, effective strategies that can save your staff time and get results.

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This is a conference presentation for the Cross Timbers Library Collective 2020 Online Conference.

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Scott, J. (2020, August). Managing expectations: ORCID registration and Scopus findings of UT Southwestern learners. Paper presented at the Cross Timbers Library Collective 2020 Online Conference. Retrieved from

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